Tuesday, 2nd December, 2008

The Micro-Fortnight: a Measure of Geek Time

If you’re a fully-grown, paid-up geek, then you can use the official unit of geek time, the micro-fortnight. time flies

If you work it out, one micro-fortnight is a millionth of 14 days, or 14*24*60*60/1000000 seconds, which comes out to 1.2096 sec.


Not quite a second, but close enough for saying things such as:"I’ll only be a couple of micro-fortnights".

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Saturday, 4th October, 2008

Killer Potatoes – the Fatal Dose

Yes, it’s true. As we know, green potatoes (which are that colour because they’ve been exposed to light) are poisonous due to an elevated level of solanine. killer potato However, even normal potatoes, stored properly out of the light, contain small amounts of the poison.

It depends on the potato variety and the individual, but to commit potato suicide with ordinary spuds, you would need to eat approximately 2 kilograms of potatoes. Enjoy your lunch, and don’t eat too much.

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Saturday, 30th August, 2008

How to display your unread mail in GMail

You have thousands of emails, and unread ones are dotted throughout the box. gmail unread mail solutionYou look for the handy gmail button or option that lets you filter out and display only the unread ones, and it’s not there. Why Google didn’t put this in is a mystery.

However, there is a solution: in the gmail search box, type:



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Friday, 15th August, 2008

The Famous Roman God Convector

The Romans really did have a god called Convector. Apparently he was the god who oversaw the return of the harvest from the fields. roman soldierLudamus is now looking out for such gods as Radiator, Bognor, Plonker, etc.

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