Tuesday, 2nd December, 2008

The Micro-Fortnight: a Measure of Geek Time

If you’re a fully-grown, paid-up geek, then you can use the official unit of geek time, the micro-fortnight. time flies

If you work it out, one micro-fortnight is a millionth of 14 days, or 14*24*60*60/1000000 seconds, which comes out to 1.2096 sec.


Not quite a second, but close enough for saying things such as:"I’ll only be a couple of micro-fortnights".

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Monday, 8th December, 2008

baldric @ 9:13 pm:

Har har. What about milliHelens?

del07 @ 9:15 pm:

What’s a milliHelen, Baldric?

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