Thursday, 1st August, 2013

Will Ye No Come Back Again?

Bonnie Prince Charlie, or Charles Edward Stuart, has been a focus for much sentiment over the years, especially North of the Border, where some regard him as the man who should have been the King, but whose grandfather, James II, was displaced in 1688 by his daughter, Mary II, and her husband William.

Charlie’s subsequent rebellion in 1745 didn’t quite make it, and he remained in exile overseas for the rest of his life, toasted by his supporters in the UK as the King Over the Water.


Some die-hard supporters, or Jacobites (named after James II), continued hoping that one day a descendant of Charlie would take back the throne, and at Traquair House, in the Tweed Valley, in Scotland, the Bear Gates (see opposite) have never been openedĀ  since a visit by Charles Edward, and will never be opened again, it is said, until a Stuart once again sits on the throne.the bear gates at traquair house

The Bear Gates

So far, there is no sign of this happening, partly because a long time has passed, and perhaps because, had there been a movement to restore the Stuart dynasty during World War II, it would have resulted in the King being Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria, which could have been a less than popular move at the time.



The potential King Rupprecht

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