Tuesday, 11th March, 2008

Relativity Limericks – with apologies to Einstein

Versions of these (but with worse scansion) can be found almost anywhere. This may be what caused Einstein’s hair to look the way it does. einstein_cartoon_1.jpg

There was a young lady called Bright
Who could travel much faster than light;
She departed one day
On the 13th of May
And returned on the previous night.

There was a smart fellow called Fisk
Whose fencing was really quite brisk;
So fast was his action
The Lorentz contraction
Converted his foil to a disc.

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Wednesday, 12th March, 2008

Christopher Twelvetrees @ 11:28 am:

So if the yo-yo in that picture went really fast, would the Lorentz contraction make it into an ellipse?

ludamus @ 11:31 am:

I suppose it would, Christopher, with its long axis perpendicular to the motion.

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