Tuesday, 11th January, 2011

Stereogram Book

Ludamus has found, in a charity shop, a rather nice little book of stereograms. It was priced at £9.99 new, but the £1.50 I paid for it seemed more representative. There’s a collection of different types, some astonishingly three-dimensional, and others more mundane, and it doesn’t really go into the techniques for producing them, which would be really interesting.

No prizes are offered for seeeing what the hiden stereogram is, but you might like to have the glory of being the first to post a comment!

However, it strikes me that the more ordinary kind of stereo pair photos, at least, could be made with an ordinary camera and a block of wood. More on this teasing topic anon (maybe).

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Wednesday, 12th January, 2011

Bill @ 3:14 pm:

It’s not a jellyfish.

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