Wednesday, 4th June, 2014

Fixing the refresh and back button bugs in Firefox 29

 The Problem

If the new Firefox 29 (Australis) has been driving you up the wall with its insistence on where you will have your buttons, then there’s a solution. Ludamus has been discomfited by the refresh button being permanently embedded in the address bar, and the refresh button being merged with the stop one.

firefox support team?

There’s also the extra irritation of the back and forward buttons being glued into one chunk, but the really big issue is that Firefox’s customisation options doesn’t allow you to change these things. Did they find it too difficult to code, or are they just telling that we don’t know our own minds?

 The Solution

Firstly, use Firefox’s customising feature to change as much as you can.

Then use the Tools > Addons>Get Addons to search the add-ons for Firefox, and choose and install Classic Theme Restorer.

Once you’ve got this installed, you can repair some of the Mozilla-induced damage to your browser.

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