Monday, 22nd October, 2007

Mea Culpa

 The observant amongst you will have noticed a slight change in title for the site. When I was dropping off to sleep last night, I suddenly realised that "ludere", to play, is third conjugation and therefore doesn’t have the subjunctive "ludemus", (for let us play), as in "oremus" (let us pray) or "cantemus" (let us sing).

After a quick check this morning, I found that "let us play" should in fact be "ludamus". Frantic editing has ensued on the site, and, apart from the site location itself, all names have now been changed to protect my blushes. I’ll see how feasible the site name change is.

It’s small wonder that:

  • the site name seemed to be available
  • it rose up so high in the search engine rankings

Ludamus, as I’m now called, will prod around and try to fix the problem. It’s always a good idea to spot these things earlier rather than later…


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