Tuesday, 11th March, 2008

Register with Ludamus

If you’re wound up by any of the articles in this site, or simply want to make your own points or comments, then why not leave your own post for the world to see? To avoid exploitation by hackers, we have to ask you to register first with your email, whereupon a password will be emailed back to you. british pillar postbox

Ludamus will not pass this email on to any third parties (none of this "find and tick the hidden box if you don’t want publicity"), and you can deregister any time you want.

Once you’re a member of the Ludamus community, you can leave your own comments on existing postings, and contribute to the great art of debate. (As a further precaution, your comment will be screened before we release it).

Go on – you know you want to talk to the world!



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